Best Bottled Water Brands of 2022 - Shade Tree Kitchens (2023)

You don’t want to just purchase normal bottled water. You want to buy the best bottled water to drink for health. The problem that you might have was that you can’t find the healthiest water to drink. Or, there is such a large variety of bottled water that you don’t know which one to purchase.

This is why you need to read our best bottled water to drink for health reviews. To make sure that you know exactly what bottled water you can purchase during 2022 to stay healthy. These water that we are reviewing isn’t just healthy, but this is also delicious. A great option for those that don’t like drinking water in general.

Best Bottled Water Brands 2022

1. FIJI Natural Artesian Water

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FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 16.9 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)

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The first bottled water that we are reviewing is the FIJI Natural artesian water. These are packed in sets of 24 bottles of 500ml each. Making it great for taking a bottle of water on the go. There aren’t any of the 8 allergens as ingredients in the water. The water is pure with added electrolytes.

Meaning that the water isn’t just for healthy drinking, but it will also assist you when you are active and want to get extra electrolytes in your system. The great thing about the electrolytes is that it was added naturally by the volcanic rock where the water is collected. The water is filtered slowly through the rocks to ensure pure and great tasting water.

The water has a perfect water balance of 7,7pH. This is what is making this water unique. There are no added chemicals in the water that you are drinking. It is bottled directly from the fountain in the Fijian remote island. The water is tested regularly to ensure that it is still healthy, artesian water and not getting polluted by people in the surrounding areas.

Why we love it

  • Natural Artesian water
  • 7,7pH level
  • Extra electrolytes

What We Don’t Like

  • Only available in a pack of 24 bottles

2. Essentia Bottled Water, 1 Liter

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Essentia Bottled Water, 1 Liter, Pack of 12 Bottles; 99.9% Pure, Infused with Electrolytes for a Smooth Taste, pH 9.5 or Higher; Ionized Alkaline Water

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When you are purchasing the Essentia bottled water, you can choose between the 1liter bottle or the 1,5bottle water. However, you can only purchase it in a pack of 12 bottles, or you can purchase just one separate bottle. This isn’t just normal water; it is ionized alkaline water. Making it great for better hydration.

Three things are making the Essentia bottled water better than other bottled water. The purification that is making the water 99,9% pure, the electrolytes that are infused with the water, and the ionization that is making the water taste better. The 12bottle pack that you can purchase makes sure that you always have stock of the water. Ready to drink when you need it.

The bottle that the water comes in is safe and recyclable plastic. Making this a great choice for the environment as well. The water has a 9,5 pH factor, and it is infused with electrolytes. Know to be the water that is energizing you as well as keeping you hydrated when doing any activity. Their three step purification process is ensuring that the water is clean and completely free from any gems or chemicals.

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Why we love it

  • 1 liter bottles
  • 99,9% pure
  • Recyclable plastic

What We Don’t Like

  • Can only buy 1liter bottles, not smaller

3. Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water

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Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water, 16.9 Fl. Oz. Plastic Bottles, Pack of 24

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The Aqua Panna natural spring water isn’t just another company that bottles water and sells it as the best water of all times. They provided spring water since 1564. The water is bottled in 16,9 ounce bottles or is a half-liter water bottle. They are packed in 24 bottles. Make sure that you always have water at hand. This is a great size for those that are always on the go.

The water is bottled in Tuscany at a spring water location. Because of the spring water, it is full of healthy minerals that ensure a great and smooth taste. You can enjoy the water anywhere and will be hydrated throughout the day. The ingredients that you will find in the water are bicarbonate, calcium, sulfate, and silica Residue. The bottled water is labeled to US standards.

The water is served in BPA free bottles. Make sure that the plastic doesn’t contaminate the water inside. This is water that is recommended for any medici use. Especially for using it in hospitals. The only problem is that this water is only bottled in 16,9 ounce bottle, and doesn’t come in larger sizes.

Why we love it

  • Providing water since 1564
  • BPA free bottles
  • Velvety quality

What We Don’t Like

  • No added electrolytes for healthier water

4. Evian Natural Spring Water, Naturally Filtered Spring Water

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evian Natural Spring Water, Naturally Filtered Spring Water in Large Bottles, 33.81 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

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Another great bottled water that you can purchase that comes in 1liters are Evian Natural Spring water. This is water that is naturally filtered and you can purchase it in packs of 12 bottles. The water isn’t filtered in any way, just by nature itself. Giving it a natural spring taste.

It ensures natural hydration and comes from the French Alps before it is bottled for the public. There are some electrolytes added for rehydrating you after a workout or a day at the office. This is a great drink, no matter if the water is at room temperature, or when it is been served cold.

Evian natural spring water is available for 15 years now and is still just as beneficial as the first day they bottled their water. It has a neutrally balanced 7,2pH that is healthier than most other spring water. The bottles are recyclable plastic and were made from 35% recycled plastic already. Ensuring that you care for the environment, while you are drinking natural spring water. For a couple of people, the problem with the water is that you can purchase it in smaller amounts than 1liter bottles and packs of 12 bottles.

Why we love it

  • Naturally filtered water
  • Added electrolytes
  • 15 years production

What We Don’t Like

  • Can only purchase 1liter bottles

5. Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH Electrolyte Enhanced Drinking Water

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Perfect Hydration 9.5+ pH Electrolyte Enhanced Drinking Water, 20 Ounces, 24 Bottles

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If you are looking for water that has a higher pH level than other bottled water, then you should consider the Perfect hydration electrolyte enhanced drinking water. It has a pH level of 9,5+. It also has added electrolytes for healthier water. You can purchase the bottles in packs of 12 or 24 bottles.

This is more than just normal water. This is supercharged water that went through a purifying process that is entitled a 9 stage filtration process. It is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, or in a cupholder for taking it with you wherever you go. Besides the stages it goes through for filtration, the water is enhanced with added electrolytes and minerals. Making this charged drinking water.

There are no harmful chemicals added to the water. No chemicals like sodium, chlorine, and fluorine. It is pure water with added minerals. The water is designed to rehydrate and replenish you after a workout. The water is bottled in BPA free and recyclable PET-1 bottles. Meaning that the water is great for your body, and the bottles are great for the environment. The alkaline water is providing some health benefits you will not find anywhere else.

Why we love it

  • 9,5+ pH level
  • 9 stage filtration process
  • Electrolytes added

What We Don’t Like

  • It isn’t the cheapest water on the market

6. Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

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Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, 16.9 fl oz. Plastic (pack of 24)

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Nestle is popular for its purified water, and the Nestle pure life purified water is just another example of the water you can get from them. These are half-liter water bottles that you can purchase in packs of 24 bottles. This is known as the grab and go bottles, fitting in your hand and any gym bag without any problems. The bottles are resealable that are perfect for work or for taking them to the gym.

There are no added calories or sweeteners added to the water. Making this a healthy, but tasty alternative. The water is going through a rigorous 12 step quality process and a thorough filtration process. The water is enhanced with a light blend of minerals for a better water taste.

The great thing about the Nestle pure life water is that you can purchase it in different sizes and different packages. Making it easier to purchase it according to your personal needs. The steps they use from collecting the water, to selling it is a huge process that purifies, added minerals, and filters the water before it is bottled in BPA-free plastic bottles.

Why we love it

  • Great sizes available
  • 12 step quality process
  • Added minerals

What We Don’t Like

  • No electrolytes were added for hydration

7. Hint Water Best Sellers Pack

Best Bottled Water Brands of 2022 - Shade Tree Kitchens (7)

Hint Water Best Sellers Pack (Pack of 12), 16 Ounce Bottles, 3 Bottles Each of: Watermelon, Blackberry, Cherry, and Pineapple, Zero Calories, Zero Sugar and Zero Sweeteners

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If you don’t like drinking normal water, with a watery taste, then you should consider drinking the Hint water 16-ounce bottled water. This is water that has some added flavor. But, just because there is flavor in it, it doesn’t mean that there is any added sugar or sweeteners as ingredients. This is just a flavoring that was added.

You can choose from different flavors. The variety 12 pack that they sell has three bottles of these flavors; watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, and cherry. There are other flavor options available as well. One essential thing you need to know is that with the water there is zero sugar, zero sweeteners, and zero calories.

The water is designed to let you stay hydrated for longer, the taste is making sure that even those that don’t like drinking water can enjoy Hint. Hint water is vegan, Gluten-free, and nut-free. It is bottled in BPA-free plastic bottles that can be recycled. It is also important to know that this is still water.

It is original water that is bubble-free with a touch of flavor. There are more than 18 different flavors you can choose from when you buy Hint bottled water.

Why we love it

  • Flavored water
  • No added chemicals
  • A healthy alternative to spring water

What We Don’t Like

  • Not available in normal spring water

8. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

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Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water, 50.7 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

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One of the best things about Icelandic Glacial Natural spring alkaline water is the fact that you can choose between different size bottles and between different size packaging. Make sure that you choose the size and amount that suit your personal needs best. You can choose between the 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1liter, 1,5liter, and 5liter bottles. You can also choose between still and sparkling.

The source of the water came from Olfus spring in Iceland. One of the places in the world with the most pristine ecosystems. The water is naturally filtered and naturally has low mineral content. There are no heavy metals, minerals, or silica present in the water. The water has a natural alkaline pH level of 8.4.

With the water, you can choose between classic sparkling water, Elderflower, Tahitian lime, and Sicilian lemon sparkling flavors. The thing that is making this water unique is the fact that it is exceptionally pure. No filtration or purification is done before the water is bottled. It is just flavored and added sparkling to some of the bottles. You can purchase the water in BPA-free PET or glass options.

Why we love it

  • Different sizes available
  • Natural mineral water
  • Natural 8.4 pH level

What We Don’t Like

  • Hard to choose the right size bottle

9. LIFEWTR, Premium Purified Water

Best Bottled Water Brands of 2022 - Shade Tree Kitchens (9)

LIFEWTR, Premium Purified Water, pH Balanced with Electrolytes For Taste, 33.8 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)

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With LIFEWTR, premium purified water, you are drinking not only purified water, but the water that has added electrolytes and that has a perfect pH level. You can purchase these bottles in 1liters and packs of 6 bottles. It has a pH level between 6,4 and 7,4pH. They are making use of reverse osmosis to purify their water completely.

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The water is infused with electrolytes; magnesium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate. This is added for tastier, healthier water. You can choose between 500ml, 750ml, and 1liter bottles. Their bottles are fully recyclable from the end of 2020. Meaning that their bottles are now environment-friendly and can be recycled for other uses.

Besides the electrolytes that were added to the water, there are no other ingredients added to the water. This is pure water that will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day, even when you are working out. The pH level differs, because of their source of water. They don’t add anything to enhance the pH level, so it is all natural and might differ a bit. There is a good reason why this water is known as one of the best bottled waters for health drinkers.

Why we love it

  • Electrolytes added
  • Different sizes available
  • Perfect pH level

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t choose between still and sparkling water

10. Poland Spring Origin, 100% Natural Spring Water

Best Bottled Water Brands of 2022 - Shade Tree Kitchens (10)

Poland Spring Origin, 100% Natural Spring Water, 900mL Recycled Plastic Bottle, 30.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

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When you are purchasing Poland Spring origin natural spring water, you will see that the size of the bottle is a bit different. You can only find this water in 900ml bottles. There is no other size option available, but you can choose to purchase it in bulk or just the one 900ml water.

The water originates from the woods of Maine. But, this isn’t just any other wood, this is one of the most hidden woods in the world, surrounded by pine trees. This is 100% natural spring water, with nothing added to the water. The water is added in a fully recyclable plastic bottle that is BPA-free. The bottle is also made from recycled plastic to make their product more environmentally friendly.

The electrolytes that are in the water are all natural. There are no electrolytes added to the water. Enhancing the taste of the crisp natural taste. The bottles are designed to fit in any cupholder and to make holding it in your hands easier. You don’t need to worry about any harmful ingredients, because they don’t add anything to the ingredients. It is all natural, purified, and filtered naturally.

Why we love it

  • Natural spring water
  • Has natural electrolytes in water
  • BPA-free plastic

What We Don’t Like

  • Only available in 900ml bottles

The Way to Select the Best Bottled Water Brands

How do you select the best bottled water brands? For many this isn’t really a problem, they just purchase the cheapest water they can find. However, for health experts and active people, the water that they are drinking is really important. If you want to purchase the best bottled water brands, you need to look at these before buying.

No added chemicals

This is the most important thing that you need to look for when buying best bottled water. You need to purchase the water that doesn’t have any added chemicals. Especially chemicals like calories, sugar, and additives. And, if you can find still water, it is so much better.

Electrolytes and pH level

The electrolytes and pH level are really important to know before you are purchasing any water. You want to drink water that is giving you the full health benefit, especially when you are active. It ensures that you are getting the right minerals to stay hydrated and to enjoy great tasting water. Even if it means that the water is infused with electrolytes and minerals.

The bottle that the water comes in

You might not think that this is essential, but it is also playing a huge role in the taste of your water. Some plastic bottles can change the taste of the bottle. Meaning that you might not get the quality water you were looking for. The one thing that you need to make sure about when you are purchasing water is that the bottle is BPA free.

And, it is a bonus if you can purchase a bottle that is made from recycled material and that can be recycled again. Doing your part for the environment as well.

Sparkling or still?

This isn’t really important, but it is still something you need to consider when purchasing bottled water. If you want to purchase water that is still water, or sparkling.

If you want to drink the healthiest water, then you need to consider still water. There aren’t any added chemicals in to make it sparkling in the first place.

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