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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (2)

Gina of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 22, 2023

I can't believe the negative reviews. This is one more proof not to rely on the reviews. It's just ridiculous that people base their reviews of the product on the customer service or some perks they were promised. Who cares about it? I have this vacuum from 1993, this is my second one. Nothing was wrong with the first one, I just exchange it for a newer model. Can someone tell me about any other vacuum that works for decades without any serious brakes? I needed "customer service" ONCE in all these years. The belt in the carpet cleaner attachment broke after 15 years (ha-ha). I research where is the Rainbow service office located, called, made an appointment, dropped it off, and picked it up when it was done. What is a big deal? People are making big deal out of everything.

I feel so sorry for most of those reviewers. Most of the time it's even hard to understand why they call it a scam. Because they didn't receive some perk, which they don't need and will not use anyway? Why not say anything about the vacuum? No other vacuums clean, look and work better than Rainbow. Regular vacuums with the bag clean a little first 10 min after you put a new bag in and break on average every 3-5 years. This awful smell when you clean with a regular vacuum, is the smell of the dust going from the vacuum into the air. And they think they are cleaning. What a joke! I love my Rainbow vacuum! I am sooo glad I found out about it and bought it so many years ago. It still looks great and works perfectly!

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (3)

Maria of Steinbach, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 20, 2022

(Video) New Rainbow Demo 01/2023

It cleans perfectly the way I want. It also help my son not to get some allergy from dust. It is easy to use and manage to clean the house accurately. The complete set from wood to carpet also is a big help. The smell is good, like when you are cleaning, you cannot smell the dust.

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (4)

Lena of Dresden, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 11, 2022

I have had my Rainbow cleaning system for a year now. I love it! I wish I had known about it sooner. Both my boys have allergies and my oldest has asthma. Since using the machine he no longer needs puffers. Anytime they start sneezing they know that either their mattress needs to be cleaned or the machine needs to run on high for 30 minutes. They thank me all the time for getting the rainbow. My husband is a truck driver and was always complaining about a stuffy nose and headaches. We cleaned his mattress. Boy was it dirty we dumped the water 3 times. He has not had issues since. And he also knows to vacuum the mattress when he starts getting stuffy. This machine has cut my cleaning time in half.

We purchased the fresh air oil as well. It kills up to 99% of viruses. I decided to put it to the test in January when my oldest got the flu bug. He was throwing up and there was no way I wanted my other 2 kids to catch it. I put the oil in the machine, ran it on high for 30 minutes and they never caught it. I could go on and on. I do not understand how anyone could give a bad review.

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (5)

RCJH of Eagle River, AK Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 20, 2022

I have had my Rainbow for about 10 years and I love it! I came to the website just to see what people are saying about it, and was very surprised from all the negative comments. This vacuum cleans extremely well and I have had zero issues with it. However, if you do not like to clean after cleaning, this may not be the product for you.

(Video) Rainbow vacuum, heads up what you’re getting into

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (6)

Anthony of Penticton, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 13, 2022

I love my Rainbow. It has realy made a huge difference in our air quality. We have the sanitizer and eucalyptus that we use when our household gets sick. The sanitizer is good for when we get guests over. Honestly my home is so much more cleaner. My water basin is clear water nowadays but when I first started cleaning the water was black and disgusting. I would urge anyone to at least sit through the srx showing and see what it's about. Our dealer did a fantastic job.

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (7)

Dawana of Havana, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 3, 2023

First I will say this has nothing to do with the performance of this machine. It is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone that can afford it; but the sales rep is the issue in this case. He lead us to believe that we would have no issue in getting others to sign up for a demo so that we could get our machine for free. Everyone we asked declined a demo, (therefore we are stuck with a $5,000 vacuum cleaner.) Not only did the sales rep say that, he also said that we would be getting a car attachment and carpet deep cleaner and he was going to replace our deodorizer with a new one and bring a new one on top of that to our business. None of this happened and he never showed back up, even after the calls and texts stating he was just busy and gave me a date we would see him again. This was a pure disappointment. He was a great salesman and sold us a bunch of lies.

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (8)

Tiffany of Pittsburg, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 23, 2023

I recently purchased the Rainbow and the same day the Rainbow stopped working. I reached out to Colby our salesman out of the Longview Texas office who stated that I would get a new unit and I have not received anything. I received a call from a lady who I thought was coming out today February 22, 2023 to bring my new unit, which was a no show. She called and asked if I would like to reschedule. I said, "No. I will just bring it in for return after the no show and it hasn’t worked since the day I purchased it." I explained to her, "I waited all day for someone to come and pickup my unit and no one showed." She said, "No it was for you to purchase a new unit," I explained, "Why would I do that when I already have the unit."

She transferred me to the manager who was very belligerent and racist. In all my years I have never had anyone tell me or my husband, "Shut the ** up **." I asked him what did he say. He repeated it again without hesitation without the **. He said, "You won’t shut up." I explained to him that he will be hearing from our attorney and, "This call is being recorded." He explained I committed fraud and he was going to report me. I explained they are FRAUD. He put us on hold and pretended to be the OWNER KEITH. Keith who was the manager I spoke with and the owner.

Keith pretended to be both and tried to disguise his voice. He said he was sorry for his salesman behavior. He heard what he said and he sent him home and fired him. I said, "Ok but that does not excuse his behavior or what he said." He said, "I know I was listening, I heard it," and he asked what could he do for us. Keith became belligerent utilizing the exact same language as he previously did. I explained to him he was the same person and the conversation was over. "I will be reaching out to my attorney." He said he didn’t care. I could not return it because it is past the three days and the finance company won’t accept the return. It is our unit. Before it was a no return policy. I asked which was it because we reached out within 3 days to cancel as he stated in our contract which I never received.

Keith stated that my husband and I are liars and he and his wife are the most honest people. He continued to argue and say they are not obligated to tell us anything about the return and he continued to be combative and racist. I explained I will not go back and forth with him and I will be returning the unit which he offered because he said he didn’t want us to have his product at this point. He stated I had until Monday February 26, 2023 at 11am to return the Rainbow with a $400 fee. I explained I will return it but I will not pay for something I never had the opportunity to use.

If I was treated like a customer perhaps I would keep it but after being treated this way they can have this unit and I will be reaching out to my attorney first thing in the morning. I won’t allow someone to insult me or my character, call me out of my name. I spent a lot of money on this product to be treated like this. This experience was very unprofessional, unethical, and racist. I refuse to let Keith or this company get me out of character as they did. I will not give Racist people like this the satisfaction. I am disappointed within myself for supporting such a racist company or refer any friends/family. Buyers please stay away. This is FRAUD. I don’t care if someone has had the unit 30 years. Please BEWARE and do your homework.

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(Video) Rainbow SRX: The Initial Setup

Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (9)

Mari of Kamloops, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 18, 2023

I had an awful experience with Rainbow Systems at Burnaby, BC Canada. This is a real story. I don’t want others go through the same experience. This is the reason why I am writing this. In 2022 a friend of mine referred me, and Rainbow contacted me to give me an air purifier for free. They came over and ended up doing a demo of a vacuum cleaner which according to them was about $4,000.00 This was beyond expensive compared to a similar product in the market. They offered the vacuum for free if I just referred friends on Facebook, and had me to sign a contract saying that I was not being charged, that I had to do it in that way to leave me the vacuum. "Nothing to worry about it" they said.

A few days later somebody advised me that it was too good to be true, that this was surely a tactic used by them to lure customers. I did not want to take the chance so I contacted the seller whose name was Mylene to cancel the contract. She said it was too late, I just had 2 days to cancel it, but still I had time to refer friends and get the vacuum for free. I had to contact the office and they did not answer at all. I sent them an email and they said it was late to cancel the contract too. At that time I had already referred some friends and I heard they were never contacted. I'm glad they were not.

Six months later I got a call from Lendcare that started to collect the money for the vacuum without any explanation. I had never heard from them before neither I had signed any financial contract to them, however they bombarded me with emails and calls, threatening me to collect the money, even affecting my credit. I realized both companies were related using the same dishonest practices. I had to sue them to do things right. Please be advised and avoid all this because they are deceiving customers using dishonest practices where ever they are doing business.

(Video) THIS is a cool unit! Who wants a full video? #shorts #rainbow #vacuum

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (10)

Sherley of Saint-Léonard, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 31, 2023

My friend referred me and a salesperson came to my house. Carl was his name. He was really aggressive as a salesman and doesn't give you time to think and push you to buy the vacuum cleaner. This vacuum isn't worth $4,000, because that's what you're going to pay. If you take out financing, after 36 months it will cost you $5,600. It's crazy. It is EXTREMELY loud and heavy. Customer service is DISGUSTING when the sale is final. Don't be fooled and save your money. You won't get a discount or giveaway product if you introduce 12 people to them and 2 people buy. IT'S A LIE! RUN!

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Rainbow Vacuum Reviews (Updated May 2023) (11)

Simeon of Johnson City, TN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 30, 2023

The vacuum works well. But it's inconvenient to drag this big thing around and up steps. You end up paying around $4,000 for this. By the time you decide you don't like it you can't sell it back to them or get out of the contract. You can buy a vacuum almost identical to this for around $900. Don't get sucked into their sales web. Before you know it you'll be signing a contract that you can't get out of. Not worth the money you pay for it,!!!

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