List Of Estates in Lekki – Information (2023)

In this article, we highlight the residential estates in Lekki Peninsula axis of the Island part of the Lagos Metropolis. However, we recognize that it would be unreasonable to write an article about the posh residential estates that have sprung up, and that continue to spring up in Lekki without talking a little about the history of Lekki. A brief history of Lekki will no doubt help the reader to understand better how Lekki began, and how that vision has now turned into a haven of opulence and wealth.

  • Chevyview Estate
  • Victoria Garden City
  • Atlantic View
  • Idado Estate
  • Friends Colony
  • Carlton Gate Estate
  • Ikota Villa Estate
  • North Pointe Estate
  • Ocean Bay Estate
  • Mayfair Gardens Estate
  • Lekky County Homes Estate
  • Northern Foreshore Estate
  • Doby’s Haven Estate
  • Arcadia Grove Estate

Details On Estates In Lekki

  • Chevyview Estate

Chevy View Estate is a highbrow residential estate in Lekki. The estate is well located off the Lekki – Ajah expressway, near Chevron Roundabout, opposite the Nigeria Head office of Chevron Nigeria Limited. This is one of the popular estates in Lekki, on the side of Lagos Island.

Highlights: Not fully serviced: Residents provide there own water through bore- holes, water is then stored in septic tanks. Maintainance, security, and waste management are handled by the Central authority.

Security: Chevy View estate is a very safe and secure residential environment. There are 2 gates at the estate, and security men are stationed there. Although visitors are freely allowed into the estate, security checks are carried out by the security men, and they routinely check all cars entering and leaving the estate to ensure security.

  • Victoria Garden City

Victoria Garden City (VGC) is the biggest, most exclusive, and expensive estate in the Lekki area. VGC is the gold standard, the estate that other estates want to be. No wonder it is home to the Vice President of Nigeria.
Victoria Garden City is located just off the Lekki Express Way, close to the Ajah area, on the island side of the Lagos Metropolis. The estate, as mentioned earlier is the biggest estate with approximately 200 hectares of land.

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Highlights: Fully Serviced. Water, electricity, sewage treatment, security are all managed by the Estate management which is called the VGC Maintenance and Management Company Limited.
The estate is well planned: residential, commercial and public service areas are well marked out.
Security: The Estate is secure. There is one entrance, one exit and there are well-trained security guards stationed at the gate 24 hours of the day. There is also a police station within the estate and they practice a kind of community policing in conjunction with the residents association. The police regularly patrol the Estate together with security officers of the estate.
No admittance to non-residents unless they are confirmed by their hosts.

  • Atlantic View

Atlantic View Estate is a beautiful residential estate in the Lekki -Ajah axis of the Lagos Island in Nigeria.

Highlights: The houses are not uniform as they were not constructed by a single construction or development firm. Individuals bought plots and then built to their tastes.
Security: The estate has a gated entrance along Alpha beach road. Security men are posted at the gate. The estate is purely residential, and Visitors are not allowed entry into the estate without confirmation from the person they are coming to visit.

  • Idado Estate

Idado Estate as it is now called is a community located along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, specifically after Jakande and before Chevron, which is a prime area because it is just about 15 minutes away from Victoria Island & Ikoyi.

Highlights: Houses in the estate range from Duplexes to bungalows, to apartment blocks. This is because as mentioned earlier, the estate was not developed by a development firm, but by individuals. This estate offers variety, as opposed to the monolithic building styles of other estates.
Security and waste management is maintained by the residents association, while individual residents are responsible for their own water, electricity and sewage disposal.

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  • Friends Colony

Friends Colony is a beautiful, well designed, and fully serviced residential estate around the Lekki axis of the Island part of Lagos State.

Highlights: Most of the houses are duplexes.
The estate is fully managed by central management authority, and they maintain the facilities in the estate including street lights, roads, drainage, security, water treatment and supply, sewage treatment and disposal, and others.

  • Carlton Gate Estate

Carlton Gate Estate is a beautiful, well planned, and secure, gated residential estate which is located on Chevron drive, on the Lekki Peninsula. The estate measures is medium-sized- about 40 hectares of land, and is well planned with a good road layout, effective drainage, etc.

Highlights: The area is very beautiful: There are trees and flowers beautifying the estate, and also designated green areas for children and lovers to play
The estate has a central management authority that is in charge of maintenance of the facilities in the estate, including security, roads, street lights, waste management, gardening and also playground maintenance. They are also in charge of treatment and supply of water in the Estate.

  • Ikota Villa Estate

Highlights: Estate is secure. Not fully serviced; residents are responsible for their own water supply, as well as sewage disposal. Waste management is handled by the residents association.
Security: No Admittance to non-residents unless upon confirmation from their hosts.

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  • North Pointe Estate

North Pointe Estate is a beautiful residential estate located along Chevron drive, off Chevron roundabout, in the Lekki axis of the island side of Lagos.

  • Ocean Bay Estate

Ocean Bay estate is cited along Orchid hotel road, after Lekki 2nd toll gate, within the vicinity of the Chevron area of Lekki Peninsula. The estate is well planned with beautiful buildings and a green welcoming environment.

Highlights: The Estate is fully serviced, the Central management is in charge of water supply, waste management, security, as well as maintenance of all public facilities such as street lights, roads, drainage, gardening, and maintenance of the playground area.

  • Mayfair Gardens Estate

Mayfair Gardens Estate is a residential estate located in the Awoyaya, Ibeju- Lekki, which along the Lekki -Epe Expressway. The estate is about 25 minutes away from the Ajah Roundabout, in the Lekki area of Lagos Island.

  • Lekky County Homes Estate

This is a group of beautiful residential buildings located within the Ikota Villa of Lekki. This is a quiet place for those who prefer to live quietly in a serene environment, with few neighbors.

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  • Northern Foreshore Estate

The Northern Foreshore estate is a gated, serviced residential estate that is located off Chevron drive, in the Lekki area of the Lagos Metropolis.

  • Doby’s Haven Estate

Doby’s Haven is a small estate, fenced and gated and secured. It is located in the Ikota part of Lagos, just before the Victoria Garden City.

  • Arcadia Grove Estate

Arcadia Grove is a beautiful residential community located in Osapa London, a part of the Lekki Peninsula, off Shoprite road. The estate is not very large in size but it offers comfortable living. The roads are well maintained and the drainage is effective.
Highlights: The central management authority takes care of electricity, road maintenance, waste disposal, and so on. Every building in the estate has its own water supply via a borehole, and the water is stored in septic tanks.

Brief History Of Lekki

  • The Foundation stone of Lekki

Lekki (or at least Lekki Phase 1) was formerly called Maroko, a community described as ‘a slum’ before it was destroyed by the Raji Rasaki led Lagos State military administration. Perhaps the first person to identify the potential of Lekki was former governor Raji Rasaki, although he goes down in infamy for the way he went about the development of the place.
According to reliable sources, Soldiers just stormed the community one early morning, while the residents were still on their beds, and then they started inflicting beatings and injuries on people. The people were too terrified to resist.

The soldiers pulled women from their husband’s arms and girls from their mothers. Their houses were pulled down and the land was taken from the owners. Many of the residents had documents proving ownership of the properties. That stolen land was then transformed into a beautiful city. The beautiful city we know and admire today as Lekki.


After the creation and successful marketing of Lekki Phase 1 came Lekki Phase 2, and then a rapid proliferation of beautiful estates starting with the Victoria Garden City (VGC). There are many residential states in Lekki, and many more are in various stages of development.


  • Top 10 Best Estates in Lagos

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Is Lekki Phase 1 an estate? ›

Lekki Phase 1 is an Upper-Middle income, densely populated residential estate located in the Eti-Osa Local government of Lagos State. The estate has grown to become one of the most sought-after locations in Lagos, and a major attraction for leisure and recreation.

What is the first estate in Lagos State? ›

The first Housing estate in Nigeria was the Bodija Housing Estate, Ibadan. The Ibadan Housing Estate was birthed in 1959 when the regional government decided to increase the number of modern houses available in the city. The Estate was built on a 400-acre of land in the area known as Bodija.

Where is the biggest estate in Lagos? ›

1004 Housing Estate is an 11-hectare housing estate in Victoria Island, Lagos. Originally named Federal Housing Estate, Lagos and designed by Isaac Fola-Alade, it was constructed in the 1970s as the biggest of its type at the time.

Which estate is the biggest in Nigeria? ›

Gwarimpa Estate is a developed district situated in Phase 3, in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. It is the largest single housing estate in Nigeria and in West Africa.

What is the difference between Lekki Phase 1 and 2? ›

Lekki is Divided into Several Parts

The residential project in the city is divided into Phases 1&2. Thus Lekki Phase 1 is been completed, with Phase 2 nearing completion. In between Phase 1 and 2, there are other privately developed residential estates and sub-Local Government Areas.

Who own banana island? ›

The island was constructed by the Lebanese-Nigerian Chagoury Group in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, and is considered to be on-par with the 7th arrondissement of Paris, La Jolla, California (in San Diego), and Tokyo's Shibuya and Roppongi neighbourhoods.

Who created Lekki? ›

The Lekki City plan was prepared by Messrs Dar al Handersah, Shair and Partners, for Lagos State Ministry of Urban Planning and Physical Development.

What are the popular streets in Lekki? ›

It is the Allen Avenue or Awolowo Way of the Island. Some other popular streets in Lekki Phase 1 includes Fola Osibo, Omorinre Johnson, Durosimi Etti.

Is Lekki an estate? ›

Lekki is a city which is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. Many estates are located within Lekki because of its strategic geographical location in Lagos.


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