Full List of Estates in Lagos State (2024)

If you’re inquisitive of the estates that are in Lagos, then this article is for you as it covers the list of well known residential houses that are located in Nigeria’s number one city.


Full List of Estates in Lagos State (1)

An estate is an area of land that has lot of houses or factories of the same type on it. It is explicitly a group of homes and other residential buildings built as a single development with one pattern of houses. Estates houses are built in such a way that they are uniform in appearance. Estates buliding ownership are varying depending on the plan. Some properties are sold to individual, some are rented, while some estates are fully operated as a public venture by governments, or by private individuals.

Full List of Estates in Lagos State

There are lot of estates in Lagos city, due to the population of the area. These estates has different classifications and pattern; government owned and private properties.

Either the case, here is the rundown of popular estates in Lagos currently:

Satellite Town

Satellite Town is a goverment owned estate that was planned and well-structured to meet the challenges of insufficient housing in the city. This housing estate is located along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway in Amuwo-Odofin local government area of Lagos State. Satelite Town estate has lots of patterned buildings with its good essential amenities.

Ilubirin Estate

This public foreshore housing project is a public estate that is also catching the eye in the industry. The estate is located at Ikoyi Island, Lagos at the foot of the Third Mainland Bridge.

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Ilubirin Estate is a well structured piece and has essential social amenities like standby power supply, which is also added with good road networks and security.

Living Gold Estate

Living Gold Estate is situated in Banana Island, Ikoyi. Residents of this estate enjoy security, electricity and good standard facilities that an estate should have. The estate is quite close to residential houses of prominent figures in the country like Mike Adenuga, popular blogger Linda Ikeji, and the rest of others.

Victoria Garden City

This HFP owned estate is widely referred as VGC. It is a fully secured housing community located off Lekki Express Way, Ajah area, Lagos State. The application of Victoria Garden City estate is very wide as it serves as a residential, commercial and public service area.

Parkview Estate

Parkview Estate is located at Ikoyi, a remote area in the city. The estate is precisely situated just before Banana Island and is a private property owned by a royal family. The estate has many number of houses built in it adding with the serene nature.

To show the class of the estate, a lot of popular figures in the country owns property in it. One of such is Nollywood star actress, Genevieve Nnaji, and some other high-class individuals.

Pinnock Beach Estate

Pinnock estate is a flock of residential houses located near the Lekki beach. The estate’s natural locality makes it a beautiful scenery to have a home in. There are also good structures in the estate, they includes housing units, detached houses, semi-detached houses and vast numbers of apartments that makes up the beach estate.

Friends Colony Estate

Friends Colony Estate is a renown housing area in Lekki, Lagos. The estate has many features which distinct it, the estate has acessible roads and a 24/7 power supply to service for it residents. The estate is a beauty itself as a view of it speak about its classic serenity.

Chevy View Estate

This estate has its name from it closeness to the headquater of Chevron Nigeria Limited in Lagos. The much sophisticated estate is located along chevron drive, off the 7th roundabout (chevron roundabout) of the Lekki – Epe expressway, and is directly opposite the head office of Chevron Nigeria Limited.

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Chevy view estate is more than a residential estate, as there are a number of schools, hotels, offices of various companies, and other busineses within the estate. Duplexes, semi and fully detached houses and terraces are the most prominent residential buildings in the estate. Major occupants of Chevy view estate are the residents who are in upper-class high income earners.

Ikota Villa Estate

Ikota villa estate is an estate quite similar to the previous one (Chevy view). The estate is located in Ikota area, Lagos. Furnished with state-of-the-art buildings, this estate is more expensive, and is suitable for high-income earners. The Ikota villa estate is given a serene view which complements to its beautifulness.

Lekki Gardens Estate

If you are looking for a natural estate in Lagos with beautiful environment, then Lekki Gardens Estate is preferably a good option. The estate is in phase 2 & 4 and is located along Lekki – Epe Expressway, after Ajah roundabout. They location of the Estate is estimately 2-hour drive to/from Victoria island.

Orchid Court Estate

Located in a serene Government Residential Area in Ikeja area, it is seen as one of the top estates in Lagos. The setup of this estate makes it more attractive; it has good apartments, architectural standards and European-standard finishing materials, which all qualifies this estate.

Ojodu Estate

Though this estate is minimal in size, but the fact that it has high quality cannot be underated. This is seen as it has quality roads that are well laid and of the highest grade and adding to the good security network. On location, Ojodu estate is located at Omole phase 1, Ojodu Berger, in Lagos city.

This estate can be considered as the most expensive in this area (ojodu-berger axis), because of the quality present. The houses in it estate are mostly duplexes and detached houses of international standards to make it being tipped as one of the best estates in Lagos.

Grenadine Homes Citiview Estate

This estate is one of the best pick in Lagos mainland. It is located precisely at Arepo. Grenadine Homes Citiview Estate being one of the best, it is sophisticated with facilities which include infrastructures, recreational gardens and parks, security and administrative service delivery.

The location of Grenadine Homes Citiview Estate in Lagos is very structured as it is built along a zonal parameter commercial zone and residential zone in the remote part of the city.

Shonibare Estate

This estate in Lagos is located at Maryland. The estate is very fascinating and has a lots of well structured buildings. These assorted structures are complemented by street lines with trees, road network and horticultural decoration of the whole estate area. The estate is very secured with it advantage of being near to Ikeja army cantonment.

Shonibare estate is in much demand due to it quality setup, as buyers are hovering on having a property in the estate.


Estates are very essential in good standard living in an area or city. The availabilty of estates is of many advantages which are in many ways.

The advantages of estates include:

  • Standard living
  • Security
  • Availability of good social amenities
  • Structured buildings
  • Good power supply
  • and Restriction to non-residents

There are lots of estates in Lagos which are very well equipped to make a good homes. This article covered the list of major estates that are in the most populated city in Africa.

Full List of Estates in Lagos State (2024)
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