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Heyy !! How are you ? Hope you are well.Welcome to our blogs here in these blog you will be able to download the EVS Projects of class 11th and 12th Maharashtra Board.If you are studying in class 11th and 12th then these article will be very helpful for you as it will save too much time.And if you not a student or not studying in class 11th and 12th, then let me tell you what is these about?

🔸What Are EVS PROJECTS About?

Basically in class 11th and 12th Environment Education And Water Securityis a individual subject for the students in order to learn about the environment and what precautions should we take in order to avoid the hazardour effect on the environment.In this subject students also study about the Water and what are the water saving tips and along with it how can one stop the pollution of the water and will contribute to a good nature of human beings .Along with this students gets a level of knowledge which is quite helpful for protecting our environment and keep the world safe and secure.

The main motive of this subject in class 11th and 12th is about to make students aware about what things can happen with environment in future and what are the things which human causes in a greater extent which can be completely stopped only by the human beings.In day-to-day life peoples are only busy in their daily shedule and that is why there are many bad things happening with our environment which can also cause to no life on the earth.And the main reason for these cause will be only and only human beings.

The Maharashtra State Curriculum Framework 2010 (SCF 2010) has been adapted accordingly.
in the 2005 National Curriculum Framework. The current book is organized by teaching once
learning methods and resources based on SCF 2010. The Honorable High Court (SC) has ordered that
Environmental Education (EE) has become compulsory at all levels of education. Follow the instructions provided by SC, EE is designated as a separate and compulsory subject at level 11 and 12.

Maharashtra State has prepared a book that covers major concepts of nature
will promote collaborative learning and group activities to facilitate peer learning. The book has
is designed for a constructivist approach and learning based on the teaching function. Content has been presented in a standard manner to facilitate the construction of information with appropriate illustrations content in syllabus. The book highlights measures to protect and care for the environment,
pollution prevention and energy conservation. Topics included to make it easier to understand
completely natural. Both environmental, social and economic processes and their impact on it
nature is given and discussed ways and means of conserving the environment.
Focused on the interconnected state of the physical, biological, social, and economic system
associated with environmental issues. The book explores relevant environmental studies
which is an example of how one can view environmental issues from a programmatic perspective. The teachers are there they are encouraged to emphasize this idea and try to apply it during the syllabus.

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The students are there they are expected to gain sufficient understanding of the basics of various topics at level 11 and through this book, students are given a broad view of the environment while working
on topics. Curriculum, emphasizes student activities as a key learning curve. In the second level, in order to ensure the continuity of the ecological action, the core Yes, it is considered a compulsory competence course with a project and a work-based assessment mode.

The letter expresses concern about the current drought in the country
and the state of Maharashtra, where we face a major water crisis and see excessive exploitation
groundwater. The book calls for rapid water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and
bodies of water, reduction & reuse of water, water development, and deforestation, and drinking water
sanitation through public participation in each area or city. There is an urgent need
to do this as a major step towards ensuring water security!

Various model activities and projects are suggested (but not limited to) textbooks for
providing exposure to real environmental issues that provide live contact with the world around them.
Project-based learning will ensure learning in the relevant domain will bring the best,
sensitive, sensible citizens. Careful planning and preparation can lead to effective use
of this way. Expert reviews and suggestions are included in this book. I hope the content of this book will help readers as well teachers understand and do something.

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🔸Steps To Download The PDF Of EVS Project :

  • Step 1 : Watch The Above Video To Get Password To Unlock The PDF
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  • Step 3 :Now That Link Will Open In Google Drive And there You have to Just Enter The Password And It’s Done!!
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🔸Make Your Study More Better/Smart Using These Tips

Every student may want to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to learn better in college. For many students, college is the ultimate challenge on the road to adulthood and a successful career.

As psychologists and academics have noted, there are five aspects to a student’s learning program where critical skills need to be developed in order to learn fully.

The first factor concerns the study time. This depends on how much time you spend studying – other than your time in class and when doing homework – and how effectively you use it. Research has confirmed that students who are able to manage their college schedules and press for 30 minutes to 1 hour of study time between breaks and evenings after completing homework are able to do better in exams. Although it was initially believed that longer study periods would give the student an opportunity, this has now been denied. Studies have shown that when a student spends a lot of time studying, his or her concentration begins to diminish with the fact that information retention is no longer at your peak. There are several ways in which a person can improve his or her concentration. This may involve reading quickly so that the mind can focus on the subject being discussed.

The second factor concerns the research environment. Although in the past, teachers strongly advised students to study in quiet environments such as libraries, research has shown that comprehension works best when one is studying elsewhere. Choosing a study area is most effective when it is related to the topic being studied. For example, if you are studying Biology, you can better concentrate by reading your books sitting on the grass in a campus park. Research has also shown that students do better in exams if they review their notes in classrooms such as the test venues. Emotional status can also be affected by the study area. If you are worried about family problems or have an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend, try moving to a different area where your mood will improve, such as the roof of your school building or the empty bleachers of football stands.

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The third aspect is how to add information to your temporary memory. When you cram, you are actually using your temporary memory. However, be aware that temporary memory will only allow you to remember 5 to 9 things at a time, and if you do not practice reading them aloud or memorizing them, they will remain in your mind for 15 to 20 seconds. For those who can’t control themselves, tricks like “chunking” will help you remember important facts in your short-term memory by putting them together in easy-to-remember categories.

The fourth aspect is how you transfer all the information from your temporary memory to your long-term memory. This skill is very important, especially at the end of the term and the final exam. It is important that you use techniques that will allow the information to be stored in your long-term memory in such a way that it will be easily recovered during the tests. Some good examples of coding techniques for long-term memory include over-reading, clarification, Mnemonics, and methods such as Peg Word and Loci.

Lastly, the fifth thing is to be able to retrieve stored information from your long-term memory. In fact, the key to success can be found in the tests you take. Tests and tests will always have its many categories like Multiple Choice and Same Type which will give you “clues” that will enable you to retrieve the answer from your memory. These are the sections that will prepare your mind for the difficult parts as part of the Essay that will encourage your mind to deepen to get the answer due to the lack of clues.

EVS PROJECT + JOURNAL Class 11Th And 12Th | Scroll Down (2024)
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