Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (2024)

Coway and Cuckoo are the most well-known water filter brands in Malaysia.

With thousands of agents and regular advertising campaigns featuring popular actors and actresses as ambassadors, it is impossible for anyone to not hear about these brands in Malaysia.

Coway is most well-known for its reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system, which can eliminate all kinds of impurities and contaminants from water. It lets users drink clean water without any worries.

But is it worth spending a few thousand ringgit on these Coway water filters? Let’s check it out.

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Coway Water Filter Price and Rental Price

The article will only cover Coway water purifiers for residential use and will exclude all floor-standing models, including Lucy Plus, Harry, and Core. And also exclude outdoor water filter models.

Coway Water PurifierMonthly RentalContract PeriodBuy Outright
Cinnamon6960 monthsRM2490
Neo Plus8560 monthsRM3640
Glaze11960 monthsRM3900
Kecil9960 monthsRM3590
Villaem 212060 monthsRM3900
Ombak14060 monthsRM4300
Inception18460 monthsRM7070
Ferry -discontinued6660 monthsRM2260
Mate -discontinued6560 monthsRM2200

There is a complimentary 5-year service offered to customers who subscribe to any of the monthly rental plans.

Coway Water Filter Specifications and Comparison

We will compare these water filters on the type of filtration, tank capacity, and temperature options.

Coway Water PurifierNeo-Sense FilterNanotrap FilterPlus Inno-senseRO MembraneNF MembraneAntibacterial filterTank CapacityTemperature
Neo PlusYesYesYesYes5.8LHot, cold, ambient
GlazeYesYesYesYes3.5LHot, 2 cold, ambient
KecilYesYes1.35LHot, cold, ambient
Villaem 2YesYesYesYes11.3LHot, cold, ambient, warm
OmbakYesYesYesYes13.5L6 hot, cold, ambient
InceptionYesYesYesYes5.2LHot, cold, ambient

Each of the Coway water filters has its respective pros and cons, so you prioritize your needs and easily pick one based on the chart above.

Best Water Filter We Like Other Than Coway

Other than Coway water filter, there are many other water filter brands in Malaysia like 3M, Aquasana, Bacfree and more. I have handpicked the best water filter in Malaysia that is cheaper to use and own.

Check out the best water filters in Malaysia

Coway Cinnamon Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (1)

Coway Cinnamon is the most basic water purifier and its only function is only RO filtration. There is no hot water or cold water. It can only dispense ambient-temperature water.

The design is simple and minimalist, so it will fit in with any kitchen environment.

On its touchscreen panel, there are three choices for volume control: 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml.

Coway Neo Plus Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (2)

The Coway Neo Plus is the most popular water filter model among Malaysians because it is one of the most affordable models while having all the essential features of a RO water purifier.

Neo Plus comes with a few additional features, including Eco Mode, Child Lock, and 3 water temperature settings.

Coway Glaze Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (3)

Coway Glaze is a RO water purifier with 4 temperature options – hot, warm, cold and ambient water.

Coway Glaze’s digital touchscreen panel and modern and minimalist design distinguish it from Coway water filters.

The touchscreen panel allows users to control the temperature and volume of water. It is clear and intuitive.

It’s claimed to be able to provide the coldest water because it has a dedicated cold water tank separate from the ambient water tank, which keeps it cooler than other water dispensers.

Coway Kecil Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (4)

In line with its name, one of the most appealing features of the Coway Kecil is its compact and slim design. It is most suitable for small kitchens.

It is able to achieve such a small size because it is fitted without a hot water storage tank. Instead of constantly reboiling the water, direct heating is used.

Coway Kecil Water Filters use nanofiltration instead of RO. It can remove heavy metals, microbes as well as any harmful organic chemicals.

In addition, it comes with 5 temperature selections, which are: 3 hot water choices, ambient water and cold water.

Coway Villaem 2 Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (5)

The Coway Villaem 2 is a RO water purifier that is best for medium-sized families with 5-9 members, and it is easy for children and older adults to use.

It features four temperature options including hot, cold, warm and ambient water, which can be easily adjusted with the use of a knob.

The water purifier has a child lock button to keep kids from accidentally pressing it and dispensing hot water, giving users peace of mind.

Coway Ombak Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (6)

Coway’s Ombak water purifier is designed for medium to large families. For households that use a lot of hot water, it is particularly useful because users can set the desired temperature and water volume based on personal preferences.

You can adjust the temperature between 40 and 90 degrees Celsius, which makes it extremely convenient for preparing baby milk formula.

Moreover, it uses UV sterilization to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Coway Inception Review

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (7)

Coway Inception is Malaysia’s first 2-in-1 Nano Filter and Alkaline ionized water.

The water system uses five filters tested and certified by the Water Quality Association. It can remove dirt, impurities, heavy metals, bad odours, and microorganisms in the water.

One of its unique features is that it comes with a button that dispenses alkaline ionized water. Users can choose from three alkaline levels.

Other than that, it has three water temperatures, intelligent power-saving mode, automatic cleaning function and an optimized electrolysis system.

This makes it the most expensive Coway water filter model. Some people do feel the benefit of drinking alkaline water but a report by suggest that the health benefits of alkaline water are not supported by any scientific evidence and we simply can’t change our blood pH by just drinking alkaline water.

Coway Ferry Review – discontinued

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (8)

Coway Ferry is the new RO water purifier which does not require electricity because it does not dispense hot or cold water.

Consequently, it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly since no electricity is wasted to maintain the water temperature.

There is an airtight tank inside with a capacity of 3.5L. Hence, the tank is not susceptible to secondary contamination such as dust or bugs.

Coway Mate (Tankless) Review – discontinued

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (9)

Coway Mate is another Coway water purifier that does not require electricity. Different from the Coway Ferry, it is a tankless water filter that uses nanofiltration.

The design is sleek and minimalist. But still, it is still a tabletop water filter which will waste much of kitchen counter space.

If you’re looking to save kitchen space, check out Aquasana’s under-counter water filter which is featured on my list of best water filters in Malaysia.

Coway Water Filter Pros and Cons

Coway water filter is advertised as an easy solution for everyone to enjoy clean drinking water. The company will provide routine service and maintenance so there are no problems, such as forgetting to change the filter.

Let’s look at the various pros and cons of buying or renting a Coway Water Filter.

Pros of Coway Water Filter

  • Professional maintenance team that handles service and maintenance if you’re renting from them.
  • RO water filtration is the purest and cleanest method of water purification.
  • Coway has both Halal and SIRIM certificates.
  • It is more convenient as hot and cold water are always available

Cons of Coway Water Filter

  • Service interval is as frequent as every 2 months, which can be irritating.
  • Coway water filters are very expensive.
  • The monthly cost of renting a Coway water filter can be excessive and becomes a financial burden
  • Early termination of a contract is subject to a penalty
  • Users need to subscribe service membership after the complimentary free service period ends.


If you don’t mind paying a premium for convenience, then the Coway water filter could be a good option for you. Upon signing up for their monthly rental program, you will be obligated to pay a monthly fee for a long period of time.

Generally, I recommend buying water filters that you can own once you have paid for them. Most importantly, the users should have the option to buy and change their own filter cartridges.

Coway Water Filter FAQs

Is Coway RO water?

Yes, most Coway water filters use RO water filtration. But there are also models which only use nanofiltration.

Is Coway water good for health?

Drinking clean water regularly is generally beneficial to your health. There is no scientific evidence that RO water or alkaline water has any health benefits.

Can Coway filter chlorine?

Yes, Coway water purifier can filter chlorine with its Neo-sense filter and Plus Inno-Sense filter

How to terminate Coway contract?

In order to terminate your rental agreement with Coway before the end of the contract period, you will need to fill out a rental termination form. It is available from the Coway agents. Users will also have to pay a penalty.

What is the penalty for early termination of Coway contract?

Users will be charged for half of the remaining months in the contract.

What is the Coway HQ contact number?

Coway customer service hotline is 1-800-888-111.

Coway Water Filter Reviews - Pros and Cons [2023] (2024)


Is Coway water healthy? ›

The Coway Core water purifier uses a 6-stage filtration system to filter the tap water to the cleanest, which is what we call RO pure water, which can remove harmful substances in the water such as chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.

Is Coway water filter safe? ›

Coway's safety and quality standards for its water purifiers have been certified by the Water Quality Association.

Why do people choose Coway? ›

Coway is the only water/air purifier company that offers free services as frequent as once every 2 months. It is also the only company which has its own Research & Development (R&D) center to ensure the reliability and quality of its products.

Which water filter removes the most contaminants? ›

Reverse osmosis systems are some of the best options for your water. The Reverse osmosis system in the 4 stage design is a design that will help you remove the maximum number of contaminants from your water.

What is the healthiest water to drink at home? ›

Again, the healthiest water to drink is water that's free of pathogens and contaminants, yet rich in key minerals. But, if there was one water option to pick, it's likely going to be spring water or clean artesian water—water that still contains healthy mineral content and is free of pathogens.

What is the cleanest healthiest water to drink? ›

What Is The Healthiest Water To Drink? When sourced and stored safely, spring water is typically the healthiest option. When spring water is tested, and minimally processed, it offers the rich mineral profile that our bodies desperately crave.

Does Korean use Coway? ›

Founded and headquartered in Seoul, Coway is the largest water purifier company of the country and owns subsidiares in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States. The company is listed on the Korea Exchange and is a subsidiary of Netmarble since 2019. Coway Co., Ltd.
Coway (company)
10 more rows

How good is Coway? ›

All of Coway's units, however, have exceptional 200+ CADR effectiveness in removing dust, pollen, and smoke from indoor air. You can see that both the Coway Airmega model – the 400 Smart and 300S – have an outstanding CADR rating of 350 and 340, respectively.

Is Coway made in China? ›

Coway. Coway is another Korean company, similar to Winix. However, they're air purifiers are made in China.

Does Coway filter mold? ›

The Coway Airmega line of air purifiers feature True HEPA filters that trap and remove airborne mold spores from the indoor air in your home.

What is the benefit of Coway water? ›

Benefit of Coway Alkaline Ionized Water: 1) Healthy regenerated water relieves 4 major stomach symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, hyperacidity, and abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation. 2) The molecules of alkaline ionized Coway water can be absorbed much faster into the body than normal water.

How much is Coway monthly? ›

Now: RM 112/ month.

Can water filters cause health issues? ›

Studies have shown that microorganisms such as salmonella and coliform often make their way past water filters, and these contaminants can be seriously detrimental to your health.

What is the safest method to purify water at home? ›

Boiling is the surest method to kill disease-causing germs, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites. adding a pinch of salt for each quart or liter of boiled water.

Which brand is best for water purifier? ›

Top 10 Water Purifier Brands in India and Buying Guide
  • HUL. ...
  • Havells. ...
  • Blue Star. ...
  • AO Smith. ...
  • Always Swift Water Purifier. ...
  • Mi. ...
  • Faber. Faber is an Italian company. ...
  • Eureka Forbes. It ranks among the most well-known manufacturers of water purifiers in the nation.
Jul 4, 2022

What is the best water for kidneys? ›

Pure, naturally-filtered water is the best thing you can drink for good kidney health. And installing a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and convenient bottled water cooler can be the best way to get it.

What should I drink everyday instead of water? ›

View All
  • 1 of 6 Juice Spritzer.
  • 2 of 6 Green Tea.
  • 3 of 6 Coffee.
  • 4 of 6 Milk.
  • 5 of 6 Iced Fruit Tea.
  • 6 of 6 Vegetable Juice.
Apr 28, 2015

Which is the world's best drinking water? ›

1. Switzerland: With strict treatment standards and superior natural resources, Switzerland ranks number one for best EPI. In fact, Swiss tap water is as pure as its bottled water – but 500 times cheaper.

What is the safest thing to drink water out of? ›

Glass Water bottles

It is the safest and best way to store both food and liquids for several reasons. Water in glass bottles isn't affected by any flavor from the container, giving it a “purity of taste” benefit when compared to plastic bottles and other options. Glass also offers peace of mind.

What is the safest drinking water called? ›

potable Add to list Share. If something is potable that means it's safe to drink. In developed countries, tap water is usually potable.

Does Coway have ozone? ›

Coway was awarded for the highest standard for 12 consecutive years. As part of the 4-stage filtration process, the Vital Ionizer generates electron charges to the surrounding particles without producing harmful ozone.

What is the pH of Coway water? ›

1) pH of 8.5 : For drinking consumption of alkaline water beginner.

Which one is better Coway or Cuckoo? ›

What's the difference between Coway vs Cuckoo water filters? Whenever it comes to cost, both Cukoo brands are approximately equal in terms of pricing. But due to the twice-monthly operation and massive water filter tank size, the Coway tends to be marginally more costly than the Cuckoo.

Is Coway a good air filter? ›

The Coway Airmega AP-1512HH is the top-rated air purifier in our rating with a score of 4.2 and comes in first in three ratings. This affordable air purifier can purify rooms of up to 361 square feet.

Does Coway remove dust? ›

Coway Airmega

The Airmega is a splurge, but it does provide powerful dust filtration for spaces up to 1,560 sq. ft. This unit combines HEPA filtration with carbon filtration, as well as a prefilter to capture larger dust particles.

How long do Coway filters last? ›


The filter life span indicator will tell you when it's time to change the Max2 filter. Under nor-mal usage, the life span of the Coway Airmega filter is 12 months.

How long is Coway warranty? ›

What is the Manufacturer's Limited Warranty? Subject to the terms and conditions of this limited warranty, Coway warrants that the motor and electronic parts of the product will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of its original retail purchase.

Does Coway water have minerals? ›


Enjoy pure water with essential minerals* that are beneficial for your health. *Disclaimer: The mineral filter is optional with additional charge.

Does Coway water have chlorine? ›

The 5-step water filtration system (CHPI-620L)

- Step 2 : Removes chlorine from the main water supply and protects the membrane filter.

Does Coway filter lead? ›

They have been tested and certified to remove 99.9% of lead and cysts from water in addition to PFCs* and VOCs*.

What is the cleanest water brand in the world? ›

1. Fiji. Since 1996, Fiji has offered clean, rainforest water to 60 countries. Sourced from an ancient artesian aquifer surrounded by dormant volcanoes, its purity is simply due to the fact that it's naturally filtered by volcanic rock.

Does Coway Air Filter produce ozone? ›

TWA ozone for Coway products is 0.0011 ppmv when tested in a 30M/3 chamber... The sticker of the product indicates this product is 0.0011 ppmv”. So this is much lower than the recommended limit but according to the company itself, yes it does produce ozone.

Which one is better Coway or cuckoo? ›

What's the difference between Coway vs Cuckoo water filters? Whenever it comes to cost, both Cukoo brands are approximately equal in terms of pricing. But due to the twice-monthly operation and massive water filter tank size, the Coway tends to be marginally more costly than the Cuckoo.

Who has the cleanest water in America? ›

The top 10 states with the cleanest water in 2021 are:
  • Rhode Island.
  • South Dakota.
  • Minnesota.
  • New Hampshire.
  • Connecticut.
  • Vermont.
  • Kansas.
  • Missouri.
Mar 11, 2022

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