7 Best Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander – Fighting Pet Allergies (2023)

1. Rabbit Air A3

Summary: The A3 is a real step up from the previous units Rabbit Air has released. Maintenance is costlier with this newer product, but its efficiency in air cleaning makes it well worth the financial effort. During the 6-stage filtration process, it eliminates stench and most of the polluting particles lingering in the air, including pet dander and hair. It is simple to use and you can even control it over your smartphone thanks to the connectivity features. Thanks to the ultra-quiet performance, it’s perfect for bedroom use.

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  • Effective multi-stage filtration reduces both PM2.5 and PM10 to 0.1
  • Produces 2 air changes per hour in a 1,070 sq. ft. large space
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for convenient control
  • Features sensors for particles, odor, and light
  • Save floor space by mounting it to the wall


  • The app doesn’t keep track of air quality history
  • Yearly filter replacement costs exceed $100


Pet dander removal


Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

For years now, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 was the pride and glory of this renowned manufacturer, the air purifier that managed to grant allergy and asthma sufferers with clean air indoors thanks to the thorough 6-stage filtration process it employed. But now it’s time for a new product to shine, the Rabbit Air A3 that tops its predecessor in all possible departments, from design to performance. Let’s see what makes the A3 the best money can buy!

Sleek Design

The Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0, another predecessor of the A3, was the winner of the 2014 Red Dot and Good Design Award. If you look at it, you can understand why. Clean lines, outstanding air cleaning performance. What else could you ask for, right? But when you compare the BioGS 2.0 to the A3, you can see how big of a step up it is. In fact, the Rabbit Air A3 is the winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design and the iF Design Award in 2021. Need we say more? The innovative design, unique features, and advanced connectivity are what brought the A3 these two highly prestigious awards. Just look at the picture above and you can figure out for yourself why it has a literally award-winning design.

Unparalleled Air Purification Results

What the Rabbit Air MinusA2 and A3 models have in common is that both pass the air in the room through 6 different filtration stages to clear it of any and all impurities. During this air cleaning process, it employs a preliminary filter (intended for bigger particles), a medium filter (for medium-sized particles), a carbon filter (tackles odors, gases, and VOCs), a BioGS HEPA filter (for particles down to 0.3 micrometers), a pet allergy filter (the specialized filter that makes it possible to live with a furry pet despite being allergic to their dander), and an ionizer that electrically charges air molecules to eradicate particulates, odors, and microorganisms.

This combination of filters and technologies grants a home that will be free of pet dander and hair, as well as other pollutants, counting the likes of dust, pollen, smoke, and more. Make sure that you use it in an appropriately sized space, and you can rest assured knowing that your allergies won’t act up anymore because of the presence of your pet inside the room. If you have pet dander allergies, then it is recommended that you use the A3 in a space no larger than 535 sq. ft. so that it can produce 4 air changes per hour and keep the air constantly safe for you to breathe.

In young asthmatic patients sensitized and exposed to pets in the home, application of air cleaners in living rooms and bedrooms was accompanied by a significant improvement in airway hyperresponsiveness and a decrease in peak flow amplitude.

S van der Heide et al. (1999)


  • The odor and particle sensors help it detect pollutant levels. In turn, the sensors make the Auto operating mode possible since the unit knows how air purity fares to modify fan speeds accordingly. It also enables the existence of air quality indicators that keep you updated with indoor conditions in real-time.
  • The light sensor turns the unit to a low-energy, dimmed light when the room darkens to save power and create proper resting conditions for you in a convenient manner.
  • The 360-degree air intake lets you place it anywhere you like in the room since it draws in air from all directions equally.
  • Intelligent purification is granted when you utilize the Rabbit Air app on your smartphone or tablet to control the A3 remotely. See our selection of smart air purifiers if you want to explore other options with similar new, innovative features like the A3 before you make up your mind.
  • If you have trouble falling asleep, the Mood light that you can schedule as you like and set in whatever color preset you prefer might just give you the help you seek.

The Rabbit Air Promise

The company promises quality air purification solutions at fair prices. And it does indeed deliver on its promise. More than that, all the products released by Rabbit Air, the A3 included, are backed for 5 years against defects. This alone shows that the company trusts the quality, performance, and build of the products it puts out for consumer use. Furthermore, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee that offers you a full refund if you don’t like the product or consider that you don’t need it (no questions asked). Feel free to take advantage of it if you feel that the A3 is not on par with your demands or expectations for any reason at all.

How to contact Rabbit Air:

  • Live chat: Option available on the official website of the company
  • Phone number: 1-888-866-8862
  • Email: [emailprotected]

Test Results and Observations

During tests, we used an air quality monitor to check if air purity was indeed positively impacted by this unit or not. There’s no need for a spoiler alert warning because it’s pretty obvious that the A3 did indeed perform as promised seeing how we ranked it #1. Here is a rundown of how air purity fared at the beginning of the test, before using the A3, and how stats looked after 1 hour of running it:

Air Purity Data

Starting Stats

Stats After 1 Hour




PM2.5 Pollution



PM10 Pollution






Air Quality Index



The product was tested by one of our colleagues who has a 3-year-old Pekingese dog that sheds a lot of hair. With the hair, comes extra dander pollution too. As you can see, air purity wasn’t at all great when we started, with the air quality index showing 64. The little guy just came back from playing outside and the smell in the room wasn’t that pleasant either. She washed the dog’s paws and continued with her routine as normal during the hour when the A3 was turned on. The dog was also left to his own devices, running around in the living room as usual.

Despite the pet’s presence in the 435 sq. ft. room and his active play, the air quality monitor showed substantial changes after the hour during which the air filter system worked its magic. In our experience, after testing several other models from different brands, some of which we even feature in this top, we can safely say that no other product comes close to the A3 in terms of dealing with pet-produced allergens and odors.

Rabbit Air A3 Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: Pre-filter, medium filter, carbon filter, BioGS HEPA filter, pet allergy filter, ionizerFilter Longevity: Once every 12 months – For the medium filter, carbon filter, BioGS HEPA filter, pet allergy filter
Coverage: 535 sq. ft. (@ 4 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 257; For dust – 262; For pollen – 315
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 5Energy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 20.3 – 51 dBPower Consumption: 5 – 60 watts
Dimensions: 19.7” H x 18.9” W x 8.4” DWarranty: 5 years

2. Alen BreatheSmart Classic for Pet Dander & Odor

Summary: A smart air purifier that works wonders when it comes to odor reduction and pet dander removal. It uses an H13 medical-grade HEPA filter formulated with a specialized odor-eliminating technology to provide unparalleled results in air freshness. It even displays air quality in real-time thanks to the Smart Sensor technology that also makes the automatic operation possible.

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  • Auto mode optimizes fan speed according to air purity
  • Takes only 30 minutes to clean the air in a 1,100 sq. ft. room
  • Uses a specialized pet dander and odor-reduction filter
  • LED color indicators show real-time air purity stats
  • Customizable front panel design – multiple color options


  • Higher-than-average noise levels
  • It is not energy efficient


Pet dander removal

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Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

If you checked out the best air purifiers for allergies and asthma, you might have noticed that the Alen BreatheSmart Flex appears in that top. The Flex model is part of the same series as our pick for the best pet owner air purifiers, namely the Classic model with the True HEPA-OdorCell filter. This is the renowned Alen BreatheSmart series that we are referring to, and aside from the two models we just mentioned, it also includes the BreatheSmart FIT50, the BreatheSmart 45i, and the BreatheSmart 75i.

The five air purifiers that compose the BreatheSmart series are fairly similar in terms of features and performance, with only a few distinctions between them. However, those differences, while few, make a world of difference. Let’s analyze the BreatheSmart Classic since this is the model we are currently reviewing. And, when paired with the True HEPA-OdorCell filter, it’s the best of all Alen air filtering systems for pet owners. FYI, the HEPA-OdorCell comprises cells that are filled with molecular conversion powder. Thanks to this specific setup, the filter can destroy odor-causing particles at a molecular level.

The Classic, our pick for today, can handle 1,100 sq. ft. spaces (it will provide 2 air changes per hour). If you are dealing with allergies though, we do recommend that you use it in a space of up to 550 sq. ft. as it will produce 4 air changes per hour, ensuring that only 15 minutes pass until the air in the room is passed through the filtration process once more. It senses and rates air quality to let you know at a glance what you’re dealing with, whether the air indoors is safe or not. As it integrates sensors, it also features the convenient Auto mode that makes speed changes for you.

It’s easy on the eye, and the fact that you can customize the look of the front panel only adds to its charm. Pick from six different colors that include white, oak, weathered gray, brushed stainless, graphite, and espresso. Regardless of the room’s décor, you are bound to find an option that matches it. Just beware that this isn’t the most silent unit out there, so if you are planning on getting an air filter system for the bedroom, you might want to look at the Levoit Core 300S instead since it is rated at 24 dB on its lowest speed setting and only 48 dB at the highest.

Alen BreatheSmart Classic for Pet Dander & Odor Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: True HEPA-OdorCell filterFilter Longevity: Once every 12 months – For the True HEPA-OdorCell filter
Coverage: 550 sq. ft. (@ 4 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 300; For dust – 300; For pollen – 300
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 3 + Turbo settingEnergy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 42 – 56 dBPower Consumption: 1.6 – 105 watts
Dimensions: 26.75” H x 17.75” W x 10” DWarranty: Lifetime

3. Blueair Blue 211+

Summary: The Swedish filter technology that stands at the basis of the Blue 211+ makes it one of the most interesting entries yet. Since it produces 4.8 air changes per hour in a space that is 540 sq. ft. in size, it’s safe to say that if you require considerable area coverage, this is your go-to product. Filter replacement is straightforward, and seeing how the pre-filter is washable, maintenance isn’t as costly as it is with competitive products.

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  • Activated carbon layer gets rid of household odors
  • Consumes less power than an average LED lightbulb
  • 360-degree air intake for freedom of placement
  • Washable pre-filter saves on maintenance-related costs
  • Intended for use in large spaces


  • Heavy unit with a bulky design
  • Slightly loud at the top running speed


Pet dander removal


Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

This is your go-to if you necessitate an air purifier that covers large spaces. It boasts whopping CADR ratings too, namely 350 for smoke, pollen, and dust. In short, the Blue 211+ is the perfect combination of power and grandeur. So if it’s the living room where your pet hangs out for most of the time, consider this model to clear the air of the animal’s fur and dander, and get rid of the smell that is typical for enclosed spaces where pets reside. Considering that it’s valued at a little over $300 (but you can find it at $275 or less during promotion periods), it’s a deal that you should not overlook.

On the lowest level, it is fairly discrete, but the same cannot be said about the top operating level. It gets quite loud on this setting, producing an estimated 56 dB. Don’t count on sleeping in the same room with the unit if you plan on turning it on High, that’s for sure. On the bright side, it is Energy Star rated for low power usage. Therefore, if you want to be smart with your money, this is one of your best options considering the running costs, upfront price, and relatively cheap replacement filter. Best of all, the pre-filter is washable, which saves you extra money on maintenance since not all the air filtering media require routine replacing.

During tests, we did remark that it fares slightly better at odor reduction than it does at other tasks, like dust or pet fur removal. So if you are mainly interested in getting rid of the persistent smell that doesn’t seem to go away from your pet’s favorite room (or from the room where you keep the litter box if you have a kitty), and the Winix 5500-2 just doesn’t seem like the right pick for you, consider this Blueair product instead, it might be better for your specific expectations.

Blueair Blue 211+ Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: Fabric pre-filter, HEPASilent dual filtration technologyFilter Longevity: Once every 6 months – For the particle filter
Coverage: 540 sq. ft. (@ 4.8 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 350; For dust – 350; For pollen – 350
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 3Energy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 31 – 56 dBPower Consumption: 30 – 61 watts
Dimensions: 20” H x 13” W x 13” DWarranty: 2 years

4. Levoit Core 300S

Summary: A solid choice for small spaces. This smart Levoit air purifier handles the issue typical for households with pets in the most effective manner, all at a fraction of the price of its competitors. It’s silent, with a modern design, and comprises the latest features one could ask for (including air quality indicators and automatic operation).

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  • Use voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to customize settings
  • QuietKEAP technology reduces operating noise levels
  • Light ring indicates air quality in real-time
  • Low power draw – Energy Star certified product
  • At approximately $150, it is a budget-friendly option


  • Could do a better job at odor removal
  • App has connectivity issues
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Pet dander removal


Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

Perfect for condos, bedrooms, nurseries, and offices. This is thanks to the fact that it changes the air every 12.5 minutes when used in a 219 sq. ft. space. Of course, the low running noise granted by the proprietary QuietKEAP technology doesn’t hurt either as it makes the unit viable for use in spaces where you are likely to spend time when it’s turned on. Since 24 dB is the amount of noise it makes at the lowest operating level, it’s safe to say that you can sleep with the Core 300S in the room without even noticing its presence.

What wows is that despite the inexpensive $150 price tag, this Levoit unit integrates smart features that are usually seen in more expensive products. Of course, we are referring to smart sensors that expand the unit’s versatility in use (feasible thanks to the AirSight Plus technology that scans the surrounding air). How is that exactly, you ask? Well, thanks to their presence, the Core 300S can display air quality via the colored ring to let you know how pure the air is inside the room at any given moment. The sensors also make the Auto mode possible. When you opt to use this mode, it will adjust operating levels according to air quality to optimize the purifier’s performance and keep the indoor environment at the safest level possible.

During the 3-stage filtration process, the pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter pretty much ensure that any air pollution-related problems are solved. However, what we can attest to as we already tested this product extensively for two weeks is that it doesn’t fare well when dealing with smoke odor. So don’t expect wonders if you or someone else smoke indoors. It doesn’t have trouble clearing odors that come from furry companions though, so considering that you’re not here for an air purifier for smoke but rather one for pets, the Core 300S rises to expectations.

Levoit Core 300S Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: Pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter, high-efficiency activated carbon filterFilter Longevity: Once every 6 to 8 months – H13 True HEPA filter
Coverage: 219 sq. ft. (@ 4.8 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 140; For dust – 140; For pollen – 140
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 3Energy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 24 – 48 dBPower Consumption: 26 watts
Dimensions: 36” H x 22” W x 22” DWarranty: 2 years

5. Winix 5500-2

Summary: The ultimate tool for fighting unpleasant odors in the households of pet owners. It features a smart sensor that detects smells and adjusts the operating speed of the unit accordingly to solve the issue when used in Auto mode. Despite integrating some of the latest features that air purifiers come with, including the aforementioned sensor and air quality indicators, it comes at a cheap price that makes it accessible to a vast range of customers.

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  • Features air quality level indicator lights
  • Automatically enters Sleep mode when the room is dark
  • High CADR scores for dust, pollen, and smoke (higher than 200)
  • 8-hour timer for enhanced control and energy efficiency
  • Washable carbon filter saves you money, in the long run


  • The smart sensor only detects odors
  • Generates a small quantity of ozone when PlasmaWave is on


Pet dander removal


Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

It features sensors that enable it to automatically run as it detects air pollution and can adjust running speed based on its findings. However, note that this Winix product only features smart sensors that detect odors. Therefore, when the Auto mode is on and the unit amps the operating level, it means that your stinky pet just ruined air freshness or another incident that involves foul odors has occurred. It even features a light sensor. So, when the room is darkened, it automatically enters the Sleep mode setting to run more quietly and save power in the process too. Once there is light in the room, it switches back to Auto mode. Of course, since it features odor sensors, it can also indicate air quality in real-time via a color-changing LED light.

For allergy sufferers, it’s indicated to use the services of this air filtration system in a chamber that is no larger than 360 sq. ft. so that the unit can produce 4.8 air changes per hour (a whole room air cleaning will take 12.5 minutes). If you just want cleaner air and there aren’t people suffering from allergies or asthma inside your home, then you can go ahead and use it even in a 1,740 sq. ft. space where it will produce a single air change in an hour. It’s all up to you, just remember that the bigger the area is, the fewer changes it will make within an hour.

Filter replacement is straightforward and required only once every 12 months, which keeps upkeep costs to a minimum. What further aids make this statement true is the fact that the fine mesh pre-filter is washable, so it won’t ever need changing. The AOC carbon filter is also washable, but it is recommended to substitute it annually. Before we end, we must highlight the PlasmaWave technology this model integrates. The technology uses electricity to create positive and negative ions which combine with water vapor molecules to make hydroxyls. Then, the hydroxyls neutralize air impurities to leave behind fresher, cleaner air than ever before.

Winix 5500-2 Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: Fine mesh pre-filter, AOC carbon filter, True HEPA filter, PlasmaWave technologyFilter Longevity: Once every 12 months – For the AOC carbon filter, True HEPA filter
Coverage: 360 sq. ft. (@ 4.8 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 232; For dust – 243; For pollen – 246
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 5Energy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 27 dBPower Consumption: N/A
Dimensions: 23.6” H x 15” W x 8.2” DWarranty: 2 years

6. Honeywell HPA300

Summary: Among the more basic options we feature. It fares undoubtedly well when it comes to reducing pet hair, dander, and odor, as well as clearing the air of all other types of pollutants and purity issues. However, it lacks the modern features we find in more expensive models, like air quality sensors and automatic operation. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a budget deal to help you keep the air indoors clean, the HPA300 might just be the right option.

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  • Carbon pre-filter simultaneously eradicates odors and large airborne particles
  • Processes air quicker than most air purifiers
  • Three levels of purification plus Turbo setting to pick from
  • Great for large spaces
  • Cheap replacement filters


  • Turbo setting is loud
  • Very large and heavy
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Pet dander removal


Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

Simple but effective, it’s the best way to describe the HPA300. In fact, it’s our #1 recommendation if you want indoor air that is free of pet hair. No matter how much your cat or dog sheds, this Honeywell unit is up to the task of clearing the air of their fur. So goodbye allergies, and hello playing with your pet 24/7 without getting teary-eyed, having a stuffy nose, or having itchy skin. The best part? It uses a carbon preliminary filter, which means that in the process of trapping large polluting particles like pet fur, lint, or fibers, it also clears VOCs and odors from smoke, bathrooms, pets, and cooking.

It’s not the easiest on the eye, though. Design-wise, it could have really used some improvement. The bulky body makes it an eyesore, while the fact that it is heavy makes relocation less desirable. And while it does indeed keep a discrete performance on the three basic cleaning levels it integrates, the same isn’t true when the Turbo setting is on. It will get fairly loud, so don’t make plans of napping next to it if you picked this setting.

As stated at the beginning of the review, it’s a simple model. It lacks the features that top-tier products like the Rabbit Air A3 or the Alen BreatheSmart Classic come with. Instead, it preserves a much more affordable asking price and integrates only the basic features that people have come to expect from air purifiers, like intuitive touch controls, an energy-saving shut-off timer, and the ever-useful filter change indicator. Speaking of filter replacement, expect to perform this task once every 12 months for the True HEPA filter and once every 3 months for the carbon pre-filter. Worry not, the asking price for the pre-filter is cheap, so replacing it won’t set you back financially.

Honeywell HPA300 Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: Honeywell A+ pre-filter, True HEPA filterFilter Longevity: Once every 3 months – For the Honeywell A+ pre-filter; Once every 12 months – For the True HEPA filter
Coverage: 465 sq. ft. (@ 4.8 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 300; For dust- 320; For pollen – 300
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 3 + Turbo settingEnergy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 48.3 dBPower Consumption: N/A
Dimensions: 20.8” L x 10.83” W x 22.38” HWarranty: 5 years

7. GermGuardian AC5250PT

Summary: The go-to option if you are on a budget. But beware, this GermGuardian is suited for small spaces (recommended for cleaning the air in areas of up to 189 sq. ft.). If the coverage suffices, look no further. This isn’t only a smart deal but it also features the best filter media and technologies one could ask for, including a pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and UV-C light for air sanitization.

7 Best Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander – Fighting Pet Allergies (7)


  • Destroys germs and mold in the air using UV-C light
  • PetPure antimicrobial agent inhibits mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria growth on the filter’s surface
  • Filter replacement reminder keeps you on top of maintenance
  • Ultra-quiet Sleep mode keeps the unit running without interrupting your nocturnal slumber
  • Energy-efficient operation


  • Lamp and filter replacement costs are steep
  • Filter outgassing takes about three days


Pet dander removal


Pet hair removal


Pet odor removal

The ultimate budget deal. The AC5250PT doesn’t only cost $150 (listing price at the moment of writing this article), but it doesn’t draw much power when it runs either. Thus, you get to inhale clean air without this perk costing you much upfront or in the long run. What do cost a bit more than we expected considering the product’s price tag were the replacement filter and lamp. The estimated cost is somewhere around $90 for both, which will likely be a yearly expense depending on how much you use the unit.

Germs usually abound in households where pets reside. But this GermGuardian product has the solution for the problem thanks to the UV-C light it integrates that destroys germs and mold. If you suffer from pet allergies, you want the air purifier to make as many air changes as possible per hour in the area where the animal sits most of the time. That’s why we recommend that you get this unit if you plan on using it in a room no larger than 189 sq. ft. since under these specific circumstances it can produce 4.8 air changes per hour (every 12.5 minutes, it finishes cleaning the air in the whole room and restarts the process).

The standout feature of the AC5250PT is the PetPure antimicrobial agent coating on the HEPA filter, though. Its purpose is to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause odors, mold, and mildew on the surfaces of the filter. At its basis, this model would be very similar to the GermGuardian AC4825 if it weren’t for the PetPure antimicrobial layer. But this detail makes a world of difference seeing how it significantly impacts the performance of the HEPA filter and the unit as a whole for the better.

GermGuardian AC5250PT Specifications Sheet

Filters & Air Purification Technologies: Pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, UV-C light, TIO2 treatmentFilter Longevity: Once every 6 to 8 months – For the HEPA filter
Coverage: 189 sq. ft. (@ 4.8 ACH)CADR Rating: For smoke – 122; For dust – 132; For pollen – 138
Air Quality Sensor: Filter Replacement Indicator:
Fan Speeds: 5Energy Star Certification:
Noise Level: 40 dBPower Consumption: 70 watts
Dimensions: 28” H x 6.75” W x 11” DWarranty: 5 years

Alternative Pet Dander & Odor Air Purifiers Worth Checking Out

The products we previously listed and reviewed aren’t the only models we tested, far from it. In fact, we considered a total of 32 products for this article and tested 19 of them. While only seven made it into our final draft for our ranking, there were a few other pet air purifiers that did indeed leave an impression but we didn’t include them for various reasons.

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Here is a brief presentation of these worthwhile alternatives and the flaws that landed them out of our main rankings:

7 Best Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander – Fighting Pet Allergies (8)

#1. IQAir HealthPro Plus

Check Price at Amazon

A medical-grade product. It has the highest air purification efficiency of all products available at the moment (removes 99.5% of particles down to 0.003 microns). An energy-efficient unit that is recommended for large spaces. Integrates the EvenFlow diffuser to guarantee clean, fresh air in the whole room. Easy to use thanks to the digital controls and included remote control. It’s quiet considering the extensive filtration process that it uses to clean the air.

Why we chose to leave it out: It’s much too expensive. While the HealthPro Plus does live up to expectations, the Rabbit Air A3 does a much better job at handling pet-related allergy triggers and at a cheaper price. We do recommend this alternative product instead if you suffer from asthma or allergies to more than just pet dander since it fares better than our top pick in this department.

7 Best Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander – Fighting Pet Allergies (9)

#2. NUWAVE OxyPure Pro

One of the most energy-efficient models to buy. It costs approximately $10 per year to run it, which ultimately landed this NUWAVE product the sought-after Energy Star certification. Fitted with smart sensors that monitor air pollution to turn it on at the highest level whenever air purity goes down. Uses a 5-stage filtration process to clear the air of pollutants. Its most outstanding feature stands in the Bio-Guard filter which has a whopping lifespan of 20 years. In terms of maintenance, don’t expect to perform changes too often for the rest of the filters it uses in the process either.

Why we chose to leave it out: The problem with the OxyPure Pro was more or less the same as with the IQAir we previously covered. The price is a bit too high considering what it offers in this particular scenario. Just like the previous model, we recommend the NUWAVE for asthmatics and people who get their allergies triggered by other air pollutants too. There were other dissatisfying aspects during tests that we must mention, namely that the app is very glitchy and the unit didn’t reduce surface dust as much as we initially expected.

7 Best Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander – Fighting Pet Allergies (10)

#3. Coway Airmega AP-1512HH

Check Price at Amazon

Includes a deodorization filter that makes it perfect for cat owners (ideal placement: in the proximity of the cat’s litter box). It is among the most silent models yet, producing only 24.4 dB at the lowest operating level. It is an energy-efficient model that features the extra Eco mode which further saves power. Since it integrates air quality sensors, you can run it in Auto mode for a more convenient operation. Evidently, it also indicates indoor pollution levels. Other mention-worthy features include the 8-hour timer, Vital Ion technology, and filter lifespan indicator.

Why we chose to leave it out: It produces 4 air changes per hour when operated in a similarly-sized space as the GermGuardian AC5250PT but at a much more expensive price. While the price difference is understandable to a certain degree considering that the Coway has much greater CADR ratings and uses more extensive air filtration processes, it isn’t necessarily worth the cash in this particular situation. Instead, we would recommend this particular model if you needed an air purifier for tobacco smoke.

7 Best Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander – Fighting Pet Allergies (11)

#4. Hamilton Beach True Air 04384

Check Price at Amazon

Available at the mere price of $70 at the moment of writing this article. Permanent HEPA-grade filter only needs routine cleaning rather than replacement (cost-effective setup). Produces two air changes per hour in a space that is 140 sq. ft. large, so you ought to consider it only if you need an air purifier for a small room. Works best for trapping pet dander, mold spores, and pollen, particles that are at least 3 microns in size. Does well at eliminating pet odor since the carbon filter features zeolite technology that specifically targets this air pollution issue.

Why we chose to leave it out: It’s a bit too simplistic. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this, but we considered including only products that come with a few of the features that customers generally expect from their modern air purifiers. The True Air 04384 doesn’t even feature a reminder for filter maintenance, which ultimately made us decide against including it in our main ranking.

What to Look for in an Air Purifier for Pets

Air pollution is one issue of concern for all of us around the world. For asthmatics and allergy sufferers, the matter becomes even more problematic, especially if these individuals share their living space with animals. The hair, dander, and even odor of pets can trigger the symptoms of people who suffer from the aforementioned conditions. Studies back up the claim of air purifier manufacturers that these products can indeed enhance indoor air quality even when dealing with air that is polluted by contaminants of animal provenance. But not all air purification systems fare equally in terms of performance.

Contingent on the filters and technologies they use, air purifiers can be more or less effective overall, and even specialize in solving particular problems. And yes, there are air filtration systems that can tackle pet odors, dander, and hair better than others. You can find the best this market offers in this article. The products we previously ranked and reviewed are tested and proven to give superior results toward amplifying air purity in homes where animals also reside. However, you shouldn’t buy into a product without understanding what makes or breaks a deal.

To learn how to make the right purchase quality-wise when shopping for a system that handles the issues typical for the homes of pet owners, check out these guidelines:

  • 1. A HEPA filter is essential to handle pet dander: The average size of pet dander is a whopping 2.5 microns, so you can see why you can’t actually see it (pun intended). As pointed out by the EPA in their article that discusses HEPA filters, the pleated mechanical air filter can eliminate at least 99.97% of any airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. Therefore, when it comes to efficiently removing dander, because of the polluting particle’s small size, HEPA filtration is the way to go. All of the products we included here feature HEPA filtration for this particular reason.
  • 2. Carbon filters will make your home smell fresher: Keeping cats, dogs, rabbits, or other furry creatures inside the house implies some pretty unpleasant odors. Even if you clean and care for the pet properly, you can still sense a peculiar odor when you enter the area used by the animal. Carbon filters are the most efficient for odor removal, as well as filtering out VOCs and gases. These use the process known as adsorption during which gas molecules cling to the pores of the activated carbon. And, obviously, it’s preferable to look into a unit that features this particular filter media if you want to enjoy fresh air indoors even though you share the house with a pet.
  • 3. Make sure there’s a pre-filter to capture the pesky hair: Hair is larger, and if you have a furry pet that sheds a lot…well, there’s going to be a lot of it in the air. The role of pre-filters is to trap larger-sized pollutants like hairs to ease the work of the following filter media. So make sure that the product you go with features one of these to prolong the lifespan of the other filters, as well as amp their efficiency.
  • 4. It must handle a space as large as the one you will primarily use it in: Proper air purifier sizing is essential for making the right pick. We recommend that you opt for a model that can provide at least 2 air changes per hour in a space as large as the one you plan on using it in. The more air changes per hour it can produce, the better since it implies that the air is kept constantly fresh in the room.
  • 5. Depending on where you will use it, you might need a silent unit: The unit will stay on for most hours of the day, so it goes without saying that investing in a silent model matters, especially if you will share the room with it. The lower the decibel rating, the better.
  • 6. Consider maintenance difficulty, regularity, and long-term costs: If it features washable filters, upkeep costs are lower but you will work harder since you are the one that has to clean them when the time comes. On the other hand, with regular filters, you still have to disassemble the unit and replace them, so there is a bit of work demanded on your part in this scenario too. There’s the downside that filter replacement costs extra and it’s a routine maintenance task that you can’t skip. Nevertheless, the long-term costs are worth it seeing how HEPA filters (these are NOT washable) have the uppermost efficiency when it comes to clearing the air of particles down to microscopic sizes.

Features also matter, and we discuss these separately because it’s a more expansive pet air purifier buying guide topic. The more features a product integrates, the more expensive it is. But not all extras are worth the cash, so let’s see what features make enough of a difference for you to look into a product that comes with them (preferably, not mandatory):

  • a) Air quality sensors: Their role is to monitor current indoor air quality conditions. The information is then used to customize the functioning of the air purifier accordingly. In simpler words, the unit will automatically adjust its running speed according to the readings of the air quality sensors. So, for example, if air quality is poor, it will turn the machine to the highest working speed. With some models, like the Rabbit Air A3, you also get visual representations of how air purity fares. The info that the sensors pick up is transmitted to these indicators so that you can check at a glance how clean the air is indoors.
  • b) UV light: This is the most efficient technology when it comes to killing germs and bacteria. If you want to make sure that the air you inhale is indeed sanitized, check for a product that integrates this feature, like the GermGuardian AC5250PT.
  • c) Filters replacement indicator: It does just what the name implies – tells you when the time comes to replace the filters of the unit. On-time maintenance is mandatory to uphold the performance of the air purifier. If you don’t change the filters that need replacing on time, these would fail to clear the air of impurities. Thus, you would breathe in polluted air despite keeping the air filtration system on.
  • d) Timer: This feature gives you more power over the operation of the unit while also assisting in reducing running costs. You can program for how long the air purifier should run, so it won’t operate continuously or longer than you need it to, hence the more cost-effective operation and higher control over the situation.

So this is what you must necessarily look into when you shop. It’s a vast and competitive market, you won’t have trouble finding the right product quality- and budget-wise. Just arm yourself with patience and thoroughly analyze the worthwhile options within your price range to make sure you pick the best money can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an air purifier make a difference if I suffer from pet allergies?

Yes, if you opt for an air purifier with HEPA filtration, you will be able to live in the same house with a pet that would normally trigger your allergy symptoms. Why HEPA, necessarily? It’s simple – HEPA filters handle removing the tiniest of airborne particles. Seeing how pet dander is the primary culprit for pet allergies and that it has an average size of 2.5 microns, only a HEPA filter that eradicates particles down to 0.3 microns can be a reliable choice to get rid of the pollutant.

Where should I place the air purifier?

You are buying it to clear the air of pet-related air pollution issues like dander, hairs, and odor. Therefore, your best guess in terms of placement would be to put the unit as close to the source of the problem as possible. So, if it’s dander and hair that you want to go, the air purifier should sit in the proximity of the pet’s bed or their favorite spot. On the other hand, if you have a cat and you want a fresh-smelling home, put the unit close to the litter box instead.

How should I care for the air purifier?

There are specific maintenance instructions in the owner’s manual for all models, and we advise that you check them out to be 100% sure that you are following all the proper care steps. But irrespective of the product you end up with, there are a few general upkeep guidelines that likely apply. For example, if the unit features a washable filter, you must routinely clean it (usually, this involves either vacuuming the filter or rinsing it with water). On the other hand, regular air filters need substitution periodically (the owner’s manual will mention how often this maintenance task is required). Proceed as instructed to keep the unit up and running, clearing the air of polluting particles with utmost efficiency.

Will an air purifier work for pet odor?

Some models can indeed eliminate pet odor. We say some because the presence of an activated carbon filter is mandatory if you want a truly fresh-smelling home despite the fact that you share it with a dog or a cat. HEPA filters might be the go-to when it comes to air purification, but for odor removal, activated carbon is the way to go since this filter is intended to specifically capture the air molecules that cause these odors.

How do I know if the air purifier is working?

You can’t actually see most air pollutants, so the question inevitably arises – is the air purifier doing its job or not? The only way to be 100% certain is to supervise the air purifier’s operation with an air quality monitor. If air pollution levels seem to be going down when you turn the unit on, it means that it’s working just fine. However, if the monitor doesn’t indicate any real changes, then it means that the filters of the unit need cleaning or replacing.


Pets easily become the apple of our eye due to the unconditional love they offer us. However, as amazing as it might be to have a furry friend hanging around the house, it can turn sour real fast when you think about the toll that the presence of an animal indoors has on air quality. Their dander is a powerful allergen, the hair lingers in the air when they shed, and unpleasant odors are inevitable. The right air purifier can change things for the better though using filters to trap pet dander and hairs, all while clearing any foul smells.

After extensive research, we rounded up the best air purifiers for pet owners. The models reviewed here are guaranteed to improve air purity even in households with multiple pets where air cleanliness seems downright impossible. Before we come to an end, let’s briefly go over what makes each of our selections special in the first place to help you more easily decide what model to opt for.

Best Overall: Rabbit Air A3

The A3 from Rabbit Air seems tailor-made for households with pets thanks to the filters it incorporates. The BioGS HEPA filter is responsible for removing pet dander, the pre-filter traps pet hair, while the carbon filter leaves the living quarters smelling fresh as if it were a pet-free home. In short, all air purity issues caused by having your pet indoors are solved by the A3 rapidly and effectively. But the market leader shines in other departments too, most notably when it comes to features. For this brief recap, we want to remind you only of the odor and particle sensors the machine features since these make the greatest difference performance-wise (go to the full review to read about the other features it comprises). The advanced sensors monitor pollutant levels in the environment, adjusting the speed of the unit accordingly to keep the air clean at all times.

Editor’s Choice: Levoit Core 300S

Just like the Rabbit Air A3, the Core 300S from Levoit tackles all air purity issues caused by your adored pet, namely removing their dander and hair from the air while getting rid of the pesky pet odor (the latter not as effectively as our other picks do, woefully). It’s a much more budget-friendly option too, which obviously makes it accessible to more customers. The asking price is a pleasant surprise as is. However, when you also take into account that the settings of this product can be adjusted via voice control, it’s all the more curious that the Levoit doesn’t cost a whole lot more.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Dander:

What causes your allergies to act up when you are around cats or dogs is the dander that ends up in the air. But this problem can go away if you use an adequate air filtering system. Say goodbye to this problem and live in harmony with your pet with the help of the BreatheSmart Classic for Pet & Dander from Alen, a unit that integrates a True HEPA filter that will effortlessly remove 99.99% of polluting particles, including allergens (like dander), dust, and mold.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Odor: Winix 5500-2

Other products we feature here come with carbon filters, so what makes this Winix entry so much better for dealing with pet odors and other unpleasant smells? It’s that the smart sensor detects only odors, so the unit enters auto mode immediately as it picks up foul smells. Of course, odor reduction isn’t the only highlight of this product since it integrates a True HEPA filter able to capture the smallest airborne particles, including dander and dust, as well as the PlasmaWave technology that uses Hydroxyl ions to break down chemical air pollutants.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair: Honeywell HPA300

If your pet has fur, chances are that they also shed. And oh boy, does the air, furniture, and even your clothes get full of hair when the shedding season comes. The Honeywell A+ preliminary filter of the HPA300 removes those pesky hairs to keep the air clear and your home cleaner. Since it’s an activated carbon pre-filter, it implies that it boasts odor-reducing capabilities as well. Therefore, you can count on this Honeywell to do as great of a job at eliminating pet odors as it does at removing pet hair.

Best Pet Air Purifier for the Money: GermGuardian AC5250PT

(Video) Top 5 Best Air Purifiers You Can Buy for Allergens, Asthma, Pets Hair, Smoke, Dust & Pollution 2023

GermGuardian products are known not only for their air cleaning efficiency but also for their accessible prices. The AC5250PT makes no exception as it integrates multiple filters and technologies for unparalleled air cleaning, all for the price of $150 (price may suffer fluctuations with time). To sweeten the pot, know that it even includes UV-C light to destroy bacteria and microorganisms in the air, sterilizing it in the process. Another neat technology it includes is TIO2 treatment which works alongside the UV-C light to reduce volatile organic compounds.

Best Pet Air Purifier for Large Spaces: Blueair Blue 211+

If your pet sleeps and spends most of their day in one of the bigger quarters in your home, you will need a powerful air purifier to handle covering the whole area properly. In situations like these, we suggest the Blue 211+ from Blueair since it can produce a whopping 4.8 air changes per hour when used in a space that is 540 square feet large. So it takes only 12.5 minutes for this machine to clean the air in the whole room and start another purification cycle. Best of all, running it doesn’t add to the electric bill all that much since this is an Energy Star certified product.


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